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Our Mission:

Growing up boys explore their world, learn some things, play a lot, and get dirty often. They become teenagers and go through some awkward changes while trying to figure out what to do with the rest of their lives.

And then, at some point they cross over into adulthood.

They become men.

And many stop exploring one of the most fundamental questions they need to ask: “What does it mean to be a man?” But whether they ask the question or not, there are still plenty of people and organizations offering answers. Most of these responses communicate that being a man boils down to sex and abs.

We believe there is more to being a man.

We believe that men are leaders, role models, and heroes. We believe that men are strong yet humble, passionate yet responsible, wise yet always learning.

Our mission is to make men better men. We want to see better husbands, fathers, sons, friends, bosses, employees, coaches, and more.  We believe in challenging and helping men to live to the highest degree because with better men, we get a better world.

With this desire on their hearts, Bobby and Suzanne Keppel founded The 9s.  If you’re a resident of St. Louis, you may recognize Bobby’s name. After graduating from De Smet Jesuit in 2000, Bobby began a career in baseball that included stops with three different teams in Major League Baseball. Currently Bobby is playing professionally in Japan, but that doesn’t stop him from having a passion to improve the lives of men and make a difference to the great city of St. Louis.


Why a Magazine?

Most men’s magazines primarily offer visual stimulation mixed in with shallow and generic content about manhood.

We are different.

While maintaining a visually clean look appropriate for anyone, The 9s magazine, website, and social media are about stories. We highlight the heroes that live and work in our own city. These are hometown success stories from stars you have heard about and others you may have not. As men we are on this journey together, and nothing can help us to live our lives “to the nines” more than reading about the successes and failures of others.


Why St. Louis?

Located near the center of the country, St. Louis is at the heart of the United States. With great sports, food, businesses, and more St. Louis is the perfect place for a men’s lifestyle magazine.

We love this city, which is why we are locally owned and operated using Missouri companies for printing and distribution. We also feature and highlight local businesses and successful people and share them with the community.


What’s in a Name?

The expression “To The Nines” means to the highest degree. “On Cloud Nine” defines highly euphoric. Certainly, you’ve heard of “Dressed To The Nines,” and although the exact origin of the phrase is unknown, consider the meaning to be simply a reference to scale: since perfection is impossible to obtain, nine is simply the absolute best.

For example:

“TO THE NINES”                               To perfection; to the highest degree
“THREE NINES”                                 A pretty solid poker hand
“DRESSED TO THE NINES”              Looking absolutely sharp, handsome, etc.
“NINE SYMPHONIES”                       The number of Beethoven’s symphonies
“WHOLE NINE YARDS”                     A full measure

With this in mind, our magazine is called The 9s because we wakeup everyday with a mission to inspire men to live to their absolute best. 


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Where Can I find a copy?

If you're not a subscriber, individual copies of the magazine can be ordered online by clicking back issues and completing the order form. Magazines are distributed around the Greater St. Louis Area and can be found at the following locations:

Barnes and Noble
Whole Foods
World News


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